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Ismael Cala visits Suriname

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The essence of a nation cannot be fully captured in terms of only measuring economic growth and GDP statistics. The essence of a business is not captured in a profit and loss statement. Family, relationships, culture and values play a significant role in determining the wellbeing of a nation, and it is good governance to support initiatives that give attention to these.

That is why we invited journalist, inspirational author, speaker and renowned columnist, Ismael Cala to Suriname. Ismael achieved fame on CNN en Español with his daily program “CALA.” This experience led him to delve into the importance of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and wellbeing.

In his first visit to Suriname, Ismael shared insights into how wellbeing can be used to better prioritize government policy, and improve workplace effectiveness. Suriname can benefit from the combination of sound financial management and good governance combined with a focus on civic wellbeing in public policy. This will lead to increasing life satisfaction for the Surinamese people, while fostering economic stability. Let’s keep moving Suriname forward.

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