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Creating Stability in Suriname after the Crisis

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I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of three important advances that we have made in overcoming the crisis of 2016. Together, we will secure the present and safeguard the future for coming generations in Suriname.

Diversification of economy:
In Suriname, we are a country of rich diversity, cultural, environmental and now, we are also working towards increasing the economic diversity we need to become less susceptible to external commodity price shocks like the ones that created the crisis in 2016. We are creating a climate to attract more foreign investment. We have increased trading and foreign currency loans, which point to added confidence in the stability of the exchange rate going forward- a significant move in the right direction.

We also recognize the value of expanding our tourism industry to grow eco-tourism and explore health tourism. We will leverage our pristine Amazonian jungle and majestic rivers to offer a unique experience to tourists while making sure that growth happens in a sustainable way. We will explore a tourism category that offers health services for Dutch-speaking Europeans and that could include convalescent care.

We will also explore ways in which companies can invest in providing the services necessary to support these initiatives, which will require better infrastructure and communications to rural areas and neighboring countries.

Agreements with international financial institutions:
We have entered into several important agreements with key international financial institutions to provide needed funding for systems and programs that are moving us towards economic stability post crisis.

Accounting Transparency:
We have implemented a program to run the financial system in Suriname, which ensures accountability of budget execution. Important benefits are that this program provides transparency in the uses of funds acquired from agreements with international financial institutions, serves as a control on expenditures and safeguards our fiscal management.

Let’s keep moving our country forward.

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